How to Speed-up Your Essay Writing Process

Many essay writers get stuck in various writing processes and end up with a load of tasks with little time to finish them. These writers either spend too much time on one task or don’t employ the techniques meant for speeding up their essay process. Getting your essay done way before the deadline or getting to your rough essay draft within a few steps are good signs of an effective writing process.

“Help me write essay for me, you might hear students asking for help as the essay deadline approaches. These students suffer from bad essay practices, especially that of scheduling their essays; they eventually end up with grades that are below par. Common to each expert writer is that they rush to their first essay draft.

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Here are some tips that can help you streamline your essay process while getting to the first draft:

The essay prompt or essay question should be scrutinized before jumping into the essay. You should make sure that you know the subject matter of the prompt along with its parameters that will help you narrow it down. The prompt also includes that task word which tells the writer the type of writing that the instructor wants you to produce, such as critical, analytical, or descriptive writing.

After that make sure to take note of the guidelines set for the essay, which include the word limit, the referencing formats, and any other additional essay requirement set for the essay.

Set up a separate deadline for yourself

Setting up a separate deadline accomplishes many things. It helps you break out of your procrastination habit and allows you enough time to make the final touches to your essay without the last-minute panic.

Expert writers don’t proceed into their essay writing process without a proper plan and a schedule. Through experience, they have understood the benefits of scheduling. The time spent on timing each essay task saves you from spending extra time on tasks that have lower priority.

Brainstorming is essential to test what you know about the essay topic and getting to know the hierarchy of the information. It also allows you to find and explore various relationships between components that you might have otherwise ignored. Honing your skill at a single method, however, helps you brainstorm for ideas effectively and in less time.

Research Selectively

When you do the research try to start off with information that gives you the background information into the subject. You can use specialized encyclopedia entries that provide you with in-depth academic information and useful references about the subject at hand.

Use techniques of skimming and scanning the text, especially the start and the end of each set of information to grasp the overall idea or theme of the text, without reading the entire text. If you can not research selectively you can ask a writer online to write my essay for me.

The structural outline for the essay should include the heading for each paragraph (which can be removed later on) and the main parts of the essay, such as the thesis statement, topic sentences, the evidence, and rough analysis.

Fill in the rest of the information and complete in the missing flow of information to make the essay seem whole. Writing the first draft usually helps you see the information, evidence, and arguments that you have missed in the essay. Catching these potholes early in the essay process helps you correct them without affecting the whole essay.

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